Shang Tang (上堂) is a millitary cheif during the Fall of Ye.


Basic InfoEdit

Birth: 156

Death: 191

Lifespan: 35 Years

Relationships: Unknown


Base AbillitiesEdit

Leadership (LDR): 70

War (WAR): 89

Intelligence (INT): 81

Politics (POL): 69

Charisma (CHA): 90


Spears: S

Pikes: A

Bows: A

Calvary: S

Weapondry: S

Navy: C

Skills: Flying General


Character: Bold

Bio: An officer in Shang Dang. He is very strong and has been known for overtaking many rebellions and bandits through his leadership. He was sent to aid in the defense of Shang Dang when the enemy was approaching. He got struck by a fire arrow and died instanty. His army was defeated and Shang Dang was taken.

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