Ressurection of Shu is a scenario based on the idea that Jiang Wei succeeded in his Shu re-establishment plan by having Zhong Hui killed all the Wei officers while Jiang himself killed Hui to take the momentum. The Shu force starts with only Cheng Du, with fewer officers and troops. Now the larger and stronger Wei and Wu are racing toward Cheng Du hoping to capture this magnificent capital. Will Jiang Wei restores the glory of both Han and Shu-Han? Will he redeem his previous guilt? Will he succeed in his final plan to conquer all land under Shu rules? This scenario is the setting for the answer.



Here come the "What If" question: What if Jiang Wei, during 263, managed to overturn the catastrophy of Shu? What if on that faithful night, Jiang Wei plot with Zhong Hui succeeded, in the cost of Zhong Hui's life? Now we come to face this alternate reality. Stationed in Cheng Du, Jiang Wei gathered the last resource of Shu to orchestrate one of the greatest fightback of the history.

Details on that "Faithful Night"Edit

Zhong Hui, thought first hesitated in carry out his plan to kill all Wei's key officer, finally decided to overcome his fear. Yet the plan leaked, and most of Hui's soldier had turned against him. Outside the city wall, more Wei's soldier were making their way in, while inside were turmoils and confusion. In a decisive minute, Hui was cut down and slain by Wei's army.

Jiang Wei was alert of the situation and became disappointed. He had too little few guards to deal with the well-equiped armor soldiers of Wei. He made his last prayer to all Shu fallen heroes and made up his stance. Just as if the prayer was heard, a sound of scream, a sight of Shu banners and a glimps of hope arrived. Leading the 5,000 strong army was, Liu Chen. To Jiang's surprise, he thought he had seen a ghost. But it was a reality. Liu Chen, who was rumored to have commited suicide, came to Jiang Wei's rescue with a score of young but vigilant officers. Liu Chen plan was to fake his death in order to lower Wei's guard, while he gathered Shu's loyalist and coordinated a surprise attack. Upon learning of Jiang Wei's plot through his contact within Liu Shan's rank, he rushed to give support to Shu's supreme general.

Among Liu Chen's men were: Cai Deng, Zhou Xiang, Li Dai, Guan Yi, Guan Tong, Yan Long, Sun Wang, Yao Cao, Zhao Tong, Zhao Guang and Ma Zhao. With the might of the crying warriors, the remnant of Shu drow off the invading Wei force off Cheng Du, whom retreated to Mian Zhu Gate. As Liu Shan was still in Wei's hand. Liu Chen assumed the role of Shu leader, and the quest of redemption begins.

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