Liu Xi (劉晰) is an officer during the Yellow Turban Rebellion and plays a role in the Fall of Ye scenareno.


Basic InfoEdit

Birth: 140

Death: 199

Lifespan: 59 Years

Relationships: Unknown


Base AbillitiesEdit

Leadership (LDR): 85

War (WAR): 87

Intelligence (INT): 74

Politics (POL): 71

Charisma (CHA): 92


Spears: B

Pikes: A

Bows: A

Calvary: A

Weapondry: S

Navy: B

Skills: Range


Character: Timid

Bio: Officer under Liu Dai. Served Bei Ping by moving 5000 troops to occupy Nan Pi. However, his reign there did not last long, as he was quickly convinced by Jia Wei to come into Ye's fold. He then became a general there until 191 when Nan Pi was re-taken by Liu Dai. He fled to Ye and when Ye fell to Liu Dai, he rejoined Liu Dai's force, though he died 6 years later by a mystery arrow shot by Liu Dai while he was practising writing poetry. Liu Dai does not admit this though.

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