Liu Su (劉蘇) is an officer during the Yellow Tuban Rebellion which he takes part in Liu Dai's army.


Basic InfoEdit

Birth: 172

Death: 264

Lifespan: 92 Years

Relationships: Unknown


Base AbillitiesEdit

Leadership (LDR): 64

War (WAR): 96

Intelligence (INT): 70

Politics (POL): 88

Charisma (CHA): 82


Spears: S

Pikes: S

Bows: S

Calvary: C

Weapondry: B

Navy: B

Skills: Divine Rights


Character: Reckless

Bio: An officer under Liu Dai. He served in conduction inspections in his early years but was ordered to amush enemy supply routes during the Fall of Ye. He served well there and became a general in 198. He died in Pu Yang from illness.

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