Liu Ma (劉瑪) is an important officer that aids Liu Xi in capturing Nan Pi in 191


Basic InfoEdit

Birth: 178

Death: 261

Lifespan: 83 Years

Relationships: Unknown


Base AbillitiesEdit

Leadership (LDR): 84

War (WAR): 80

Intelligence (INT): 68

Politics (POL): 78

Charisma (CHA): 80


Spears: A

Pikes: A

Bows: B

Calvary: A

Weapondry: C

Navy: C

Skills: Detection


Character: Reckless

Bio: An officer under Liu Dai. Served various campains in the North before being ordered to capture Nan Pi. He was quickly persuaded to join Jia Wei, which was overthrown 1 year later. Liu Ma fled to Luo Yang later that year. He attempted to overthrow Liu Dai but was caught and executed.

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