Jia Wei (嘉慰) is a Prefect of Ye during the time before 192 during the Yellow Turban Rebellion.


Basic InfoEdit

Birth: 141

Death: 192

Lifespan: 51 Years

Relationships: Unknown


Base AbillitiesEdit

Leadership (LDR): 95

War (WAR): 77

Intelligence (INT): 70

Politics (POL): 91

Charisma (CHA): 82


Spears: A

Pikes: A

Bows: S

Calvary: B

Weapondry: B

Navy: A

Skills: Agile Mind


Character: Bold

Bio: Prefect of Ye in 170. Brang prosperity to Ye and nearby cities with his strong leadership. This made many of the surronding cities take over Ye for its richness. Many of these attempts had failed but then in 192 Liu Dai's army, having cut down supplies to Ye, managed to take over in the Fall of Ye. Jia Wei was executed but many people still remember him for his leadership, even which Liu Dai accepts.

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