Hong Xian (紅仙) is a an officer in the city of Chen Liu during the Yellow Turban Rebellion.


Basic InfoEdit

Birth: 151

Death: 211

Hong Xian's Abilites.

Lifespan: 61 Years

Relationships: Hong Da (紅達): Younger Brother


Base AbillitiesEdit

Leadership (LDR): 90

War (WAR): 78

Intelligence (INT): 75

Politics (POL): 85

Charisma (CHA): 69


Spears: S

Pikes: B

Bows: B

Calvary: A

Weapondry: B

Navy: C

Skills: Divine Spears


Character: Timid

Bio: A member of the legendary Hong Family. Served Chen Liu under govern of HuangFu Song. He was appointed as leader of a Spear army moving towards Wan in the Yellow Turban Rebellion. However, his army was defeated and he fled to Chang An. He served as a subordinate officer there until 194 which he marched out and became Prefect of Xu Chang. He died there several years later.

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