Copy of RoTK China Map by TheGabeCaron

Red: Jia Wei, Blue: Liu Dai

192: Fall of Ye is a post-war event that happens in between the Yellow Turban Rebellion. It is the story of how Liu Dai takes over Ye before transferring to nearby Pu Yang.


As the War between the Yellow Turbans and Han escalates, a Liu offical Liu Dai sees Ye as an easy target for the Han Dynasty's attack. As he rises himself as Minister of Bei Ping and Bei Hai, Ye will fall into Liu Dai's grasp...


March 191: Officers Liu Xi and Liu Ma leads an army out to take Nan Pi to the South bearing 5000 troops.

May 191: Jia Jing and Jia Fang occupy nearby Shang Dang after 2 month's fighting with Shang Tang 's army. Shang Dang flees to Chen Liu. Nan Pi is taken by Bei Hai.

June 191: Liu Xi and Liu Ma takes Nan Pi. Ye refuses Liu Dai's Alliance agreement.

Sept. 191: Liu Xi and Liu Ma allies to Ye after some persuasion. Ji falls to Liu Gui and Pa Mu under Liu dai's command.

Oct. 191: Nan Pi allies with the Yellow Turban Rebellion. All 3 major cities (Ye, Bei Hai, and Bei Ping) send forces of 6000, 8000, and 10000 each respectively to take Nan Pi.

Dec. 191: Nan Pi falls to Liu Dai. Bei Hai starts an uprrising and dismisses Liu Dai's officers. New ruler is San Wan.

Feb. 192: Reinforcments of 20000 troops from Shang Dong arrive at Ye.

March 192: Nan Pi takes Pu Yang. Ye faces constant ambushes from Liu Su's army.

May 192: Shang Dong is taken from behind by Ma Kong and Bang Ping, outnumbering Jia Wei's cities to Liu Dai's cities by 1 to 3.

July 192: Jia Wei's Ye falls to Nan Pi, Ji, and Bei Ping's massive force. Jia Wei is executed, other officers under his command flee to Bei Hai, where they are welcomed warmly.

Aug. 192: As a plauge of Lucusts appear in Ye, Liu Dai moves his state to Pu Yang, which ended the instabillity there.

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